December 10, 2013

How many times do we read a chapter in scriptures over and over and glean something new each time? Honestly? Not always. But this morning I read out of John 4: 1-26- the Samaritan Woman story. This story has been preached from the pulpit quiet a few times and I have read it so many times that I didn't think there could be anything new to glean from this story.

Boy was I wrong!!

I read the story very slowly letting it all sink in, then I get to the bottom....25-"The woman said, 'I know that Messiah' {called Christ} 'is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.' 26-Then Jesus declared, 'I who speak to you am He."

I immediately teared up and got a revelation from this..
First off, I love how in the story Jesus got tired; He had to stop and rest from His long journey.
This just makes life so much easier knowing that its ok to stop and rest. We do not have to push ourselves to exhaustion, our Lord had to rest, so should we.

Second, Jesus could have stopped at any point in His journey. He even could have pushed just a little harder and gone with His disciples into town to get food, but instead He choose to stop and rest. It isn't just that He wanted to stop and rest, but He had a purpose for this stop. He knew He needed to talk to someone, alone, without those self righteous disciples of His.

Third, Jesus didn't care that He stepped out of protocol to talk to a Samaritan, and a woman no less. I know that it could have looked inappropriate to be caught talking alone. But Jesus HAD to talk to this woman. I wonder if this woman was silently talking to herself or praying for answers. Maybe she was tired of the life she was living, maybe she had a lot of self hatred for being with all those men but not being married to them. Shame can make a person think all kinds of things. Jesus made a point to talk to her about her sins, He wanted to set her free. He wanted to reveal Himself to a woman who had no moral standing in her life or community. Jesus never cared about protocol, stepping outside of MANS boundaries, He is God; He can do whatever He wants!!

 Stop and think about this for a minute. You are coming to draw water during a time of day when no one else was going to be around to snicker at you, push you out of the way, or walk in wide berth of you lest they fall prey to your "disease" or contract your sin. You are hiding from them, from all the gossip, the hatefulness, even from yourself. You are just trying to hurry and get your water and go home. All the while in your mind you are thinking things like this, "Why wont he marry me?" "I wish I could just cleanse myself from this unrighteousness" "I hate myself for living like this, but he is the only one who loves me. I cant just leave him. He pays for my food, my rent, I am obligated to him now." Really, we don't know what was going on, what she was thinking; I am just speculating here.
But get this....


Yes, He knew what was deep inside her heart. He knew her secret prays she may have been praying. He knew that once He revealed WHO He was, she would stop cold in her tracks and turn from her sins to serve Him.

Fourth, after talking to her about her sin, He told her who He was. "I am He". WOW!!!  Jesus grew tired on His journey and told His disciples to go on ahead and get the food while I stop here to rest. He sat down at the well, waved His followers off and smiled. He had a date with a woman who had many husbands. He had to talk to her, tell her something, change her life.

"I am He." He just told her that she was standing in the presence of THE MESSIAH!! In the presence of GOD!!!

When I read this my heart pounded, I cried and praised God for showing me this. God cared so much for her that he purposely stopped to talk to her, and He cared so much to reveal Himself as God. Now I know that He did this often in the Bible but if I read my scriptures right she was the first one he DECLARED that He WAS God. Prior to that Jesus explained about the son coming into the world and saving people from their sins {see John 3:16} but He didn't say He was that son.

God revealed himself as God to a broken, damaged goods woman. In the worlds eyes, and in her own she was a nobody. She was used up, washed up and no one would ever want her again. She had been with many men, in those days one was to many!!! She was no longer eligible to marry anyone with a good family name. She was destine to be alone, a keep on the side kinda' girl or an adulteress.....UNTIL JESUS CAME TO TALK TO HER!!!

Jesus came to talk to her, and then He talked to me...this morning...
I am not damaged goods, and neither are you.
No matter what you have done in the past, His blood covers it ALL!!!
Jesus will reveal Himself to you as GOD IF YOU WILL LET HIM!!
Jesus will come talk to you while you are in your sin too, He cares that much about you.
Just open your heart and be honest with Him, He already knows what's going on anyway!!
"I am HE" is making a detour, a rest stop JUST FOR YOU....come talk to HIM!!!

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