Hair Care Tips Thursday Week 2

January 09, 2014

Thursday Hair Care Tips

So last week we talked about washing our wonderful locks of glory.
In case you didn't see that post, you can view it here.  
This week we are going to talk about what NOT to do when styling your mane.

Ok, so here is the first major hair wrecker....



No, I don't mean making fun of your hair. I am talking about taking a brush to the back of your head and creating a rats nest to add body. You are just ripping all that beautiful texture out of your hair...stripping it of its softness, creating those dreaded split ends!! It is equivalent to taking a cheese grater to your hair!!

What do I do instead??

You can buy from most beauty boutiques an add on piece of hair that can wrap around a pony tail.
It looks like this. 

Just stuff that under the hair you want to give body instead of teasing your hair.
You will want to make sure the hair piece is as close to your natural hair color as possible, that way no color differences can be seen if the hair piece decides to pop through.

Hair wrecker number 2:

Hair ponies that have the metal bracket that pieces it together.
It looks like this!

Those little metal piece just RIP your hair out and break it off!!

Use the ones without the metal clasps.
Then when you pull your hair into a pony, make sure you do not pull to tight! Pulling hair tight causes the hair to break off at the shaft, especially hair that is already damaged. 

And whatever you not ever go to bed with an elastic in your hair-metal clasp or not!!
You are just asking for your hair to break off!!

Hair wrecker number 3:

Overuse of hair products.
I saved this one for last because I feel it's the most important. Well, teasing is the MOST important...
I personally I do not use many hair styling products. For two main reasons:
1- the products break my skin out so bad!
2-  it makes my hair dull, lifeless and brittle

I will use hairspray if I absolutely have to. Otherwise I just let my hair look like it looks when I put it up.
I have watched countless videos of people styling their hair and half a can of hairspray was used during the process.
I cringe at what it probably takes to wash all that junk out of their hair!!!

Natural looking hair looks the best!!
No one says your hair style needs to be helmet head to look great.
I personally like the wispy, messy look.

The chemicals that are in most of the hair products suck moisture out of hair, strip hair of natural oils and cause hair to become brittle and break off. 

Now that we have a few DONT's taken care of, next week I will talk about a few DO's!!!

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  1. I always go with the wash and wear look. I gave up those metal elastics a long time ago! Thanks for joining the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

  2. Use herbal products - Avoid heavy products on hair. It may cause hair damage. We recommend using organic products to avoid damage.


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