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February 04, 2014

An Unfailing Prize

"He will have no lack of gain."

Last week we talked about your husband safely trusting you, this week he will have no lack of gain. But how? Well there are plenty of things we can do to cause our husbands to lack nothing.

Wait, we are not talking just financial gain here. We are talking about gain in general. His heart and his soul will be full because as mentioned before we are his helpmeet. We will be there to lift him up, encourage him, provide for his needs, and protect what he has worked so hard for. 

There are so many definitions of gain that I will summarize the few that we will focus on:

1-obtain or secure (something desired, favorable, or profitable)
2-bring over to one’s interest or views; win over
3-an increase in wealth or resources

What is the one major thing that comes to mind when you think about all this and what you can do to help?

I personally think of making sure I don't overspend. Last week I talked about how I used to be very unskilled in keeping to a budget. This brought on so many unneeded arguments about money, but now years later I totally get why. I had no concept of what money was, I didn't know anything about paying bills, I didn't even work! So to me money was always something to be spent. I never thought about how hard my husband worked to make that money!

When that money ran out through layoffs and hard times, I have figured out many ways to make the dollar stretch. 

Here are just a few simple practical tips on how to save money (increase in resources):

1. Coupons- these little things can save you tons of money if you use them right. The key is to use only the coupon for an item you always use, not just because you have the coupon. Being wise about coupons is important, manufactures will produce coupons so you will spend extra money on things you don't need. There are tons of websites that can teach you how to use coupons smartly and effectively. 

2. Read on how to set up a budget- this can be very useful in money management, especially if you have goals like buying a house in mind. Using a budget can keep you from buying items that are not within your budget, thus saving you money.

3. Stay out of the store- if you don't have anything you need to get, don't go just to look around. This one was tough for me because as a stay at home mom I would just want to get out of the house and would have nowhere to go...the store was my only option.

4. Shopping at resale shops and yard sales- I know it's nice to get brand new clothes sometimes, but leave those times for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays). Buying kids clothing used is a great way to save money, just check for stains, holes and general wear and tear.

5. Make your own cleaners- ok, I know you are probably tired of me talking about all my homemade cleaners and body products, but I have saved so much money using these that we have more financial freedom that ever before. 

6. Recycle unused item for other purposes- think if what you have that you do not use. Now think of a way you can use it other than its intended purpose. Example- lotion, you can use it shave your legs.

Now what about lacking nothing in other areas:

Think about what your husband needs from you. Does he need you to make sure you pay the bills on time? All those late fees will add up!! He would lack nothing if you consistently released him from that burden of worry. 

Does he need you to encourage him when he feels let down? Guys don't tend to share their emotions like us women, but they do have that need {sometimes}. He will need you to listen and be there for him, give him words of wisdom and encouragement. 

What about physical needs? I won't go into this to much, but realize men have that desire a lot more than women. If those needs are not meet their whole attitude can change, they way they view themselves and life can become negative. We should make sure our husbands are not lacking!!

As women who are pursuing becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman, let us each pray and ask the Lord Jesus to show us how we can improve in all these areas. Ask Him to show you how you can keep your husband from lacking nothing!!


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