Heroes of the City Review

March 18, 2014

Heroes of the City Review

Have you heard of Heroes of the City before? No? Then your toddler is missing out!

Heroes of the City are created by Your Family Entertainment AG based out of Sweden. 

There is a fire truck {Fiona}, a police car {Paulie}, a helicopter {Hector} and Calamity Crow; plus many more hero friends. 

Calamity Crow goes around, well, creating calamity while the Heroes of the City go and fix his mess!

My toddler sat ever so quietly while watching the cute DVD that came in the kit.

The kids just loved everything in the kit and fought over who was getting which hero!

The book was a big hit too!

But the best part about reviewing Heroes of the City is the mobile app I get to try.

There are games, puzzles, shows on the app. My three year old uses is everyday until my phone battery dies, then he begs me to recharge it so he can play!

This is a great way to keep kids entertained, especially at the doctors office!
Trust me, a three year old not screaming to go home....priceless!!

Are you liking what you are hearing?

Well, I have a kit to giveaway!

Kit includes 1 book, 1 DVD, and 2 Heroes!

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