Leadership Lessons Book Review

August 21, 2014

Leadership Lessons is written to encourage leaders within the church to avoid ways of leading that King Saul used. 

King Saul started out as a humble king, plowing his own fields, living a low miserly life. He ruled the kingdom using Godly wisdom and following the orders of the Lord. But one day that all changed. He got arrogant, he got brazen, he got impatient. 

This book is such a great tool to teach people in leadership positions to stay humble, always seek the Lord and His will. 

Here are some chapter headings to give you an idea of what you will encounter:

Saul Failed to Handle Authority Humbly
Saul Failed to Think Before He Spoke
Saul Failed to Lead the People, but Let Them Lead Him Instead.

That is just a few. 

I love how this opened my eyes to how I should approach my peers, my students and gave me an inside look at what my Pastor must be facing. 

I would recommend this book if you are in a leadership role. It will keep you humble, bring you a new perspective and strengthen your ministry. 


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