The Beauty of Believing: Girls Devotional

November 11, 2014

365 Day Devotional for Young Girls

This devotional is written by the authors of the FaithGirlz christian book series. 

Each day starts with a scripture, followed by a short story or a small devotion that is relevant to issues that young girls face today. This could include gossip, bullying, body image, along with ways to build christian character. 

After each devotion the author then inspires the young lady to think by asking a question. Examples may be- "When was the last time you....?" or "How would you feel if..."
I really liked this section of the devotional. As a mother of a pre-teen, I want my gal to learn what she is reading and apply it to her life. This seems like the perfect way to do that. 

There are also a section that includes more scriptures to enrich study of the theme, along with a small prayer that goes along with the story or devotion. 

There are six sections to this devotional allowing each section to focus on certain topics. 

Section 1- Growing Seeds of Faith
Section 2- God's Promises
Section 3- Finding Strength in Hard Times
Section 4- God Speaks to Us
Section 5- The Helping Body of Believers
Section 6- The Beauty of Believing

I love how this entire book encourages young girls to look inward and towards Jesus as their beauty indicator; not what the media and world call beauty. 

This will be a book that is getting packed in sparkling Christmas paper and set under the tree ;-)


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