Ellie Claire 365 day devotionals review

December 14, 2018

I have a hard time staying true to a 365-day devotional because life gets really busy. As a mom to four children I just do not feel like I have the time to read lengthy devotions, but these three are very inspiring and not too lengthy in words. They are only about two to three paragraphs long which make it a breeze to read fairly quickly when you have small children running around the house, but the desire to please the Lord is also there.

The paper is a great quality and thick enough that you could use markers or a heavy ink and it not bleed through. I enjoy the amount of space that each page leaves for you to write your own thoughts or prayers. There are about nine lines per page for you to do your own journaling in. For those of you who like to do Bible journaling this is a great option to include along with your Bible reading. I also like the mini prayer prompts provided to get you started in case you are struggling to come up with your own.

Each Journal has its own theme that really matches the outside cover. The covers are hardbound but also semi-flexible. I enjoy that it comes with an elastic closure for those of us who like to stuff their books with extra pages of notes or cards. Sometimes using embellishments in my journaling can make a book pretty chunky, so having the elastic closure is a really nice feature so none of my items Fallout and to keep the book closed.

I received all three of these 365-day devotionals from the publisher in exchange for my honest unbiased review.

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