Preventive Health Checks You Should Book This Year 

January 15, 2019

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When it comes to health, prevention is always better and cheaper than the cure. This is why you need to take responsibility for your own health outcome and make sure that you are up to date with your checks. If you keep to a routine, you can also save on your health insurance and your life insurance, too. Below you will find a few health checks you should not ignore this year.

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Dental Checkup

Your oral health is not only important because missing and damaged teeth will make you look worse. You can avoid bigger problems, such as a bone infection if you spot the problems early. If you don’t look after your gums and don’t update your dental and oral care routine, you will soon face higher costs. You need to get a checkup every 6 to 12 months, depending on your history, so you don’t keep on ignoring problems that are easy to treat when spotted early.

Eye Test

Our eyes make so many things possible, such as seeing where we are going when we drive, reading information on our screen, or simply connecting with people. Sometimes you will not notice that your eyesight is getting worse, and your friends will tell you that you are squinting when looking at a piece of paper or the screen. Even if you don’t think that you have an eye issue, you should book into the opticians’ office.

Hearing Test

Another sense we don’t really take care of is our hearing. If you often get an ear infection or have asthma, you might already know that you are sensitive to cold or wind. However, if you have to start turning up the volume on the TV, you will have to see an audiologist. In case you have never been, you can learn more about the interventions and solutions, as well as the different correction devices.

Cancer Screening

No matter what your age and gender is, you can never be a hundred percent safe from the Big C. Some physicians’ offices organize screening for breast and cervical cancer regularly, and they send out reminders. It is crucial that you don’t miss your appointment, and take responsibility for your health. At the same time, learn how to self test for breast cancer, so you can spot the early signs and contact a specialist.

General Checkup

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Every now and then we need a general health checkup. What was the last time you had a blood test and had your blood pressure checked? These tests don’t take too long, and help doctors identify the early signs of various illnesses that are easy to treat when spotted early.

If you would like to be a more responsible person this year and look after Number One, it is crucial that you stick to a health check routine and keep on top of your medication and appointments. Prevention is cheaper and less painful than cure, and you can avoid the complications, too.

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