3 Mistakes That Damage Your Hair

July 19, 2019

Hair is one accessory that is always with you. If you make these three mistakes you can ruin your hair and cause major damage. Once your hair is damaged it's hard to repair it unless you have plenty of time, money, and the ability to cut it and start over.

To help keep your hair healthy you should avoid these three hair damaging mistakes.

Mistake #1 
Also know as backcombing.This is taking a brush to the back of your head and brushing your hair back towards your scalp. This adds more volume to hair but causes tons of damage by chipping away the hair cuticles and causing the hair to become more brittle. It is equivalent to taking a cheese grater to your hair!


Instead of teasing your hair try using a diffuser when blow drying your hair. Just flip your hair over and blow dry it upside down with the diffuser tool, this adds instant volume!

Mistake #2
Overuse of heating tools.
My teenage loves to use her straightener and curling iron. I warn her all the time that she is damaging her hair. The heat strips hair of its natural oils that dry hair cuticle making it brittle and weak causing it to break off and fray the ends. 
Before applying any heat to your hair you should use heat protection. 

My absolute favorite product is from Uncut. The Mend+Defend binds split ends and prevents further damage from using heat tools by providing extra moisture and shielding it from the heat. You can use this even without using heat tools just on the ends of your hair to moisten those split ends. 

Mistake #3
Over washing your hair.
Every single time you wash your hair it's washing natural oils down the drain. Most shampoos use harsh sulfates that strip hair of natural oils while cleaning the hair. Two ways to protect hair if you must wash it daily is use a sulfate-free shampoo and wash your scalp only. Use only enough shampoo to work it through your scalp. Your hair strands don't need to be washed, conditioned only.

Try skipping a wash or two. Your hair will build up strength and resiliency as you give it a rest between washes. Increase your time between washes until you only wash once or twice a week.

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