Practical Ways To Support Your Senior Parents

August 22, 2019

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It's difficult seeing our parents age, but you do have the power to help them. With your care and support, your parents can live happier and perhaps healthier lives, so consider the following, and then take the necessary steps forward.

1. Spot the signs that your parents might need help
With age comes declined health, and while your parents might not express the struggles they are going through (perhaps because of pride), you might be able to pick up a few signs that they need help yourself. You might suspect your parents are getting forgetful, for example, especially if you notice signs of unopened mail in their home. If their once positive mood changes, you might suspect that they are suffering from depression. And if you notice bumps and bruises on their bodies, you might suspect that they have taken a fall. Here are some other signs that might indicate your parents need help; read the advice given to give your parents the support they need. 

2. Help your parents age at home
As we discussed in a previous article, you might consider caring for your parents in your home. Especially if they are no longer able to look after themselves, this might be the best way forward. On the other hand, your parents might need a care home facility, especially if you aren't able to manage specific health needs.
However, many older people value the opportunity to maintain their independence, so if there is a chance that they can remain at home, then give them the tools they need to do so.
There is much you can do. On a small scale, you might call on the assistance of hired help who will pop in daily to see and care for your parents. You might also advise your parents on the technologies that are available to help them, such as health-monitoring medical aids that can be attached to their wrists, and you might help them learn more about hearing aid technologies that will improve their life at home. 
On a larger scale, you might also support your parents in a renovation of their home. If they struggle with stairs, for example, you might help them find ways to convert their downstairs areas for bedroom and bathroom purposes. Such things as stairlifts, balance railings, and non-slip flooring can also be installed to make your parents lives manageable. 

3. Spend time with them
Too many of us live too-busy lives, and that can be a detriment, not only to ourselves but for the people in our lives too. And especially in the case of your senior parents, you might miss out on quality time with them if you are forever at work or involved in social activities. It will hurt them too, as loneliness is an overriding factor of ill health in elderly people, so you will only compound their feelings of isolation if you are never there. You will also miss out on the health signs that we linked you to earlier.
So, make time for your parents. Visit them each week if possible. Pick up the phone too, and especially if you are living at some distance, use video calling devices so they can see as well as hear you. And when you're booking a family holiday, or if you are heading on a day out, bring your parents with you. Not only will this create a boost to their overall physical and mental wellbeing, but it will also provide you all with happy memories that can be looked back on with much fondness.

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  1. Make time for your parents. With your care and support, your parents can live happier and perhaps healthier lives.
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