4 Snack Alternatives To Potato Chips

September 26, 2019

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Plenty of us love potato chips although we know that they aren’t the healthiest snack on the planet! In an ideal world we’d be crunching down on some carrot sticks or an apple every time- but these don’t always satisfy our cravings. If you’re looking for some satisfying snacks that are healthier than chips (and still pretty yummy) you’ll want to take a look. 

  1. Popcorn 
 Once upon a time, popcorn was a sugary food to be avoided on the quest for a healthy snack. Thankfully those days are gone, plenty of brands now offer popcorn snacks without any added sugars that are also low in calories. These plain popcorn snacks can contain calcium, iron and zinc. They arrive in a range of tasty flavours from cinnamon to sweet chilli. Healthline states that plain air-popped corn only contains around 31 calories per cup. 

2 . Vegetable Chips 
 For those who can’t resist the crunch- why not try some vegetable chips? Vegetable chips come in a huge variety; from beetroot to zucchini or carrot. You’ll find a healthier alternative to your potato chips with a range that’s just as mouth-watering. There are plenty of brands to choose from, or you could opt for making your own at home. All you have to do is slice your vegetables thin enough, use the correct amount of oil and then bake. Recipes for vegetable chips will vary depending on the vegetable, and there are plenty to be found online. 

4. Pretzels 
 If you’re looking for an alternative snack food to potato chips, look no further than a delicious pretzel. Nutritionally, pretzels contain fiber and B vitamins. For a tasty snack that fills you up, soft pretzels are the way to go. Pretzels do not contain as many calories as some other salty treats so you can indulge in their yumminess without the guilt! Homemade pretzels are especially tasty- so much that you might ditch the chips for good! 

3. Edamame 
 For a snack that’s something a little bit different, you’ll want to try Edamame. These are immature soybeans and can be purchased shelled or inside their pods. A little salt is often added when they are served as a snack. You’ll find these in your local Japanese restaurant served as an appetizer. The best snack kind is probably the dried or shelled variety, but you can also boil up the fresh beans if you prefer. These are high in protein and may help to lower your cholesterol levels (not bad for a snack)! 

We all love a snack between meals, but it’s not great to reach for the potato chips every time! When it comes to nutrition, it’s essential to think carefully about what we are putting into our bodies. It’s important to ensure that we are getting enough whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Try trading your next packet of chips for one of these lovely snacks and see what you think! 

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