Family Fall Activities That Won't Break The Bank

September 09, 2019

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Autumn is fast approaching, the cooler temperatures are setting in and soon the leaves will be turning, although you might think it’s time to retire and head indoors fall can e the perfect time to be outdoors too. The best bit about it is that there are loads of activities you can do with the kids that won't break the bank which helps when you're on a budget. 

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Have a look below at some of the activities you could try this fall to keep the kids busy, happy and all on a family-friendly budget:

Nature Hike
Jut because the cooler weather is setting in doesn't mean that you can’t enjoy the great outdoors, In, fact this can often be a better time of the year to go on an outdoor adventure as you aren't trying to keep cool in the sun. Why not think about creating a tick sheet that includes items for the kids to tick off as you’re walking. Think about things such as streams, acorns, squirrels, colored leaves or maybe even deer. 

Have A Picnic
This goes hand in hand with the nature hike however you don't always have to go hiking to set out and enjoy a homemade picnic. The weather is perfect, and you could even add a flask of hot chocolate as an extra little touch. You could even consider packing things such as apple cider for the adults to enjoy. Fall makes the perfect time of year for the kids to enjoy the local park and admire the beauty of the turning leaves, why not collect some leaves for a crafts project at home? 

Pick Pumpkins
Fall means it’s time for Halloween, which is most definitely a favorite for families. A really fun activity for you and your kids is to visit a local pumpkin patch and go pick a few pumpkins for at home, while you’re there you can also get some fantastic photos for making a scrapbook or putting on the wall. You may want to pick a few extra juicy pumpkins and look for a good pumpkin pie recipe, as you’re going to need to perfect that pie for Thanksgiving. 

Carve Jack-o’-Lanterns
Once you’ve visited the pumpkin patch, you have the perfect excuse to have a pumpkin competition and carve some jack-o’ lanterns ready for Halloween, pick a day where the whole family can get involved. You could even look for some stencils online for interesting patterns to carve, or possibly even paint them to look like characters or as a centerpiece for your table. Don’t forget to include candles as part of your budget too! 

Roast Marshmallows
This time of year is the perfect time for roasting marshmallows on an open fire. Whether you go camping and enjoy making s’ mores or take to the family garden with a warm blanket and stargaze for the evening, nothing beats sitting around the open fire, getting toasty and chomping on some delicious sweet treats
There are so many different ways you can have fun and not break the bank this fall. Do you have any activities that you could share in the comments section below? 

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