Reduce the Toxins in Your Life

December 16, 2019

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Although we’re exposed to toxins 24/7, it’s good to minimize your exposure when you can. Your lungs, kidneys, gut, skin, and liver work around the clock to remove toxins from your system. By minimizing your exposure to harmful irritants, however, you can prevent your natural filtration system from becoming overloaded. 

If you want to embrace a healthier life, check out these top ways to reduce the toxins in your life…

1. Stop using plastic

So many products contain plastic, it can be difficult to cut it out of your life completely. However, there are ways you can minimize your exposure to the potentially harmful toxins found in some plastics and take better care of yourself. It’s believed that toxins from plastic bottles can leech into liquid before you drink it, for example, so sticking to tap water or choosing a glass or metal reusable bottle could eliminate this exposure altogether. 

2. Filter your water

Although your tap water should be fine for you to drink, filtering your water can enhance its purification. However, it isn’t just the water you’re drinking that you need to be mindful of. With the best shower filter head you can afford, you can purify the water you’re washing in too. If you live in a hard water area, you’ll notice how much calcification builds up in your appliances, such as your washer. 

You can prevent these toxins and minerals from settling on your skin by adding a filter to your shower. With the potential to alleviate dry and itchy skin, it won’t take long for you to notice the difference. 

3. Switch to natural cleaners

You’ll want to keep your home as clean as possible but could the products you’re using be doing you more harm than good? Most household cleaners are laden with potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. However, you don’t need to rely on these to keep your home free from bacteria.

There are a variety of natural products that can clean your home safely and you can even make your own cleaning solutions. When cleaning, it’s important to remember that even natural products can interact with one another, so take the time to do some research before you combine the use of products. 

4. Eat organic food

Any foods that have been genetically modified will have been exposed to more toxins than is necessary. Although companies should only use FDA-approved chemicals during food production, you can limit your toxin intake by switching to an organic diet. 

As well as purchasing organic food, you may even want to start growing your own fruit and vegetables at home. With complete control over their growing environment, you can ensure that your food is just as nature intended it to be. 

Minimizing exposure to toxins

Many of the toxins we’re exposed to occur naturally, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe. While our bodies have an excellent filtration system, you can support it by eliminating exposure to unnecessary toxins and chemicals. In doing so, you can enjoy a more natural and invigorating lifestyle and all of the benefits that brings.  

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  1. Wonderful advices. I am actually tired and sick of the cholrine that is in the tap water. I just hate that smell. The shower filter idea sounds great. I am on my way buying a shower filter !
    I also got ridd of all shampoos that contain chemical ingredients. I am going to find some natural ones :)


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