Advice To Make Cooking For Your Family A Breeze

December 04, 2020

 Cooking for your family can feel like such a chore. It’s not that you don’t love eating with them, but with work, errands to run, and all manner of other things going on in your life, cooking can seem tiresome and difficult. To make cooking for your family easier, we’re going to give you a little advice. Read on and you’ll likely find something that changes how you make your family’s meals:

  1. Use A Crockpot

Don't be afraid to use a crockpot. If you don’t have one, buy one! A crockpot is a wondrous thing, and you can easily whip meals up without needing to slave away over a hot stove at all. You just throw in your ingredients and leave it. Later, you’ll have a perfectly cooked meal that you can just plate up. 

  1. Have Themed Nights For Fun

Themed nights are so much fun and they will make your family look forward to certain nights of the week. You don't necessarily need to have a theme night every night, but a couple a week could really make your week more interesting and add some excitement to your meals. 

  1. Cook In Bulk Then Freeze

Cooking in bulk and freezing meals will help to ensure you have meals for when you’re short on time. It barely takes anymore effort to double the ingredients of a meal. You can even freeze meals like soup for a quick and warming dish, like this spinach and tortellini soup recipe here. You can freeze most meals, so take this into account as you prep for your week. 


  1. Use Seasonal Ingredients

Seasonal ingredients are easier to come by, and they add so much more flavor to your food. They are far more delicious, and you’re doing something good for the planet when you purchase seasonal instead of imported. 

  1. Don’t Get Too Complicated

There’s no need to try to cook a Michelin star meal each night. Save that for the weekend or special occasions! Making things too complicated will stress you out. Cook meals you find easy and your family can still enjoy something tasty and nutritious. Making the most of sauces, herbs and spices can make your dishes taste better in a flash. 

  1. Get Kids Involved In Cooking

Getting kids involved in cooking will make them more excited to eat. They can be your little helpers - just make sure you give them tasks based on their age, maturity levels, and skill. They can stir something for you, for instance. It’s a simple way to get them involved and make them excited about what you’re cooking. This can be a great trick to reduce the likelihood of them becoming fussy eaters, and they will learn lots about food and fresh ingredients. 

  1. Let Them Plate Up Their Own Food

Create meals that allow people in your household to plate up their own food. Tacos can be great for this, along with fajitas - but there are many meals where you can simply place dishes in the middle of the table and let everybody pick their own. You can then use the leftovers to make something else if you get creative. 

  1. Be Smart With Your Shopping

Making cooking for your family easier means being smart with your shopping. Take a list with you, and make sure you find the time to keep your list updated as you go. If you’re almost out of something, write it down! Getting into this habit will ensure you don’t encounter many emergencies. Stay away from the aisles you don’t need to be in to avoid overspending and buying foods that will just go to waste. Also, make sure you have a pantry full of rice, beans, pasta, quinoa, and other things you might need to make a balanced meal in a short amount of time. Having these things on hand will make cooking easier as they are so quick to cook but don’t tend to perish. 

Of course, you don’t always need to avoid the deals if you’re sure you’ll make use of something - and remember, you can always freeze something so you can decide what to do with it at a later date. Just avoid waste at all costs and really make the effort to use up what you buy! 

Cooking for your family can be hard at times, but it can also be endlessly rewarding. Use the advice here to have more delicious, meaningful family meals. How are you going to accomplish this? Leave your thoughts below! 

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