Know How To Choose A Perfect Sports Bra?

December 15, 2020

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Know How To Choose A Perfect Sports Bra?

Fitness and physical activities may be essential for the body, but the breasts can experience significant tissue tears during such activities. The breasts are a tender region that undergoes significant changes throughout the life cycle. And physical activity can have effects on their shape, firmness, and build, this is why a sports bra got created to prevent the breasts from undergoing tissue tear. But very people understand its importance and believe that it is just another scam to extract money. However, in reality, using these bras during physical activities can reduce the impact on the breasts.

What Is A , And Why Is It Essential?

As the name suggests, it is a bra. But more than that, it needs to get worn while playing sports or performing any physical activities. Unlike regular bras, sports bras provide support to the breasts. And prevent them from sagging in the later stages of life. Moreover, it also reduces the stress they go under while playing. Breasts are prone to injury during sports as intense strain can cause tears in the tissues, leading to health issues like damaging the mammary glands.

There are three levels of sports bra available to choose from, depending on the level of physical activity:

High impact

High impact sports bras are for those who undertake heavy physical activities, including running, dancing, aerobics, cardio, and other similar movements.

Medium impact

Sports bras of medium impact are for those who perform moderate activities that work the body without spiking the heart rate immensely. These activities include hiking, fast walking, flat road cycling.

Low impact

People who undertake slow-paced physical activities such as stretching, yoga, walking, and other similar relaxing physical activities can purchase a low impact sports bra.

How to choose the right sports bra?


The fit of any bra will make or break the deal for a person. You should not really mess up here. The sports bras get made such that it has a snug and a slightly tight yet comfortable fit. A loose bra will not provide sufficient support, and a tight bra will damage the tissues further while causing a strain on the shoulders due to digging straps.

  • One can get the right fit by measuring their bust size and bandwidth size and using the bra size formula to calculate the measurement.

  • If there is some size calculation, one can get themselves measured at any store that sells sports bra and knows their exact size.


Sports bras come in different forms to accommodate the needs of the clients and their comfort. One can choose the right style by checking the bra fit under their clothes to ensure that it does create any unwanted bumps.

  • Apart from styles, sports bras also come in different colours and unique patterns to ensure that they can be worn standalone or under clothes. 

  • Some common forms of sports bras are compression, encapsulation, criss-cross, racerback, pullover, back clasp. Depending on comfort, one can choose their style of a sports bra.


As already established, sports bras get classified into three categories of high impact, medium impact, and low impact according to the type of physical activity performed. The first step is to analyze the form of movement that gets done and then choose accordingly.

  • When confused, it is best to go for high impact sports bras to ensure maximum support and comfort without worrying whether the chosen is right.

  • For regular wear, one may choose to wear a low impact to avoid sagging breasts in general.

If one considers these three factors while buying a sports bra, they will surely get the right one for themselves.  Thus ensuring that their breasts have maximum support and undergo minimal stress during physical activities.

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