7 Things You Can Do Today To Protect Your Eyesight

June 09, 2021

Did you sit staring at a computer screen for too long today? Did you forget to wear your sunglasses when lounging in the sun outdoors? If you have said 'yes' to either, know this: you could be damaging your eyesight. Many of us make such mistakes on a day-to-day basis, and we do so to our detriment. We rely on our eyes for the majority of things that we do, so the last thing we want to do is put them at risk.

So, if you are guilty of the mistakes we mentioned, read on. And as you're reading, think about your family too. While you should do all you can to care for your senses, remember that you should be encouraging the same good habits in your children too.

Here are 7 things you can do today to protect your eyesight.

#1:  Limit screen time

We have already mentioned your computer screen, but there is also your phone to think about, as well as your TV. Too much time in front of the screen won't lead to square eyes (despite what your mom may have told you) but it can lead to eye strain, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. There is no real evidence to suggest too much screen time will cause permanent vision loss but you might encounter the problems we mentioned in the short term. Today then, spend some time away from your screens. And do what you can to get your kids away from their screens too! Spend time doing other things, such as reading a book, going for a walk, or playing games indoors or out with your little ones. 

#2: Book an appointment with your eye care provider

When was the last time you saw your eye doctor? Many of us pay them a visit when we suspect there is something wrong with our vision, but we should still visit them once every 1-2 years regardless of how good or bad we think our eyesight is. When they give us an eye exam, they can spot conditions that could one day lead to impaired vision and even blindness. These include chronic uveitis, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease. The sooner these conditions are found the better, as the eye doctor can then take steps to prevent them from getting worse, such as recommending these chronic uveitis treatments. So, if you haven't seen your eye doctor in a long while, pick up the phone today and schedule in that appointment. 

#3: Give up smoking

If you're a smoker, you probably don't need us to tell you how harmful this habit can be to your health. There are even warnings labeled on the back of the packet! But as well as all of the other health issues that can be caused by smoking, did you know it can also affect your eyesight? Smoking can lead to age-related macular degeneration, optic nerve damage, and cataracts, conditions that, if not treated, can cause vision impairment and even blindness. Today then, take the steps needed to give up smoking as you will improve all aspects of your health if you do. 

#4: Wear your sunglasses when outside

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You don't need to wear your sunglasses outside all the time. If the sky is cloudy and the sun is far from view, you only need to wear your sunglasses if you are using them as a fashion statement. But if the sun is shining outside, wearing your sunglasses is a must. As we suggested at the beginning, you are making a big mistake if you don't, as a lot of sun exposure can lead to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. In rare cases, it could even lead to sunburn on your eyes.

#5: Stop rubbing your eyes

How many times a day do you rub your eyes? You might do it more than you might think. Waking up in the morning, you might rub your eyes to remove any 'sleep' from your eyes. You might rub your eyes when you get particles of dust in them when walking around outdoors. And you might also rub your eyes when you get tired and sleepy! But here's the thing. When you rub your eyes, you are putting yourself at risk of an eye infection, and this is because of the dust, dirt, and bacteria that you are carrying around with you on your fingers. Get out of the habit then, and also get into the habit of cleaning and sanitizing your hands regularly, just in case you do feel the need to give your eyes a good rub!

#6: Eat healthily

Did you know that your diet can affect your eye health? Well, it can, so consider this when formulating your meal plan for today. Certain foods, such as those that are high in Omega-3 and Vitamins C, A, and E are good for your eye health, while others, such as those that are overloaded with sugar and unhealthy fats can cause damage to your eyes. Of course, your overall health is affected by these foods too, but if you needed another incentive to eat your leafy greens, let it be for the good of your eyesight. Here are just a few of the foods that impact how you see. Make a note of the foods you might want to add to your shopping list and leave off anything that could be detrimental to your eye health. 

#7: Wear the appropriate safety gear

If your work requires eye protection, make sure you wear what your employer has told you to wear. Be sure to wear eye protection if you're cleaning with chemicals at home too, or if you're doing any DIY jobs. Your eyes could be at risk of injury if they are left unprotected, as anything that enters them accidentally could cause an infection or permanent eye damage. Wear the appropriate safety glasses then and don't put yourself in danger!

So, there we have it: 7 things you can do today to protect your eyesight. Some of these are common sense things we know but hey, when did a little reminder ever hurt anybody?

Take care and thanks for reading!

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