Getting Your Lazy Teens To Bathe!

August 25, 2021

 As a parent, there are going to be many frustrations in life that you’re going to encounter, but making sure that your teenager wants to bathe may not have been something you considered. Unfortunately, some teenagers can be exceptionally lazy about their hygiene, and teaching them how to keep up with it isn't always easy. When you have taught them how to be hygienic and stay clean from a very young age, it can be frustrating to then have to nag at your teenager to get in the shower.

It should be a comfort to know, though, that you’re not alone if this is happening in your family right now. Teenagers commonly get a little lazier with their hygiene from middle school onwards, but that doesn't mean that they will stay that way. You have the time to instill healthy habits in your teenagers, from seeing Scott Chandler DMD to improve oral hygiene to remembering to shower after school every day. If you think that your teenager needs to be nudged a little more to wash themselves every day, sit together and communicate your concerns. Talk about the risks of bullying and the issues and infections that can occur when they don't keep their bodies clean. You also have to consider WHY they’re refusing to be clean given that they know why it’s important. So, with this in mind, here’s how you can talk your teenager into maintaining good personal hygiene. 

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  • Put together a basket of personal care items. Whether you have a son or a daughter or a non-binary individual in your home, everyone needs personal care items. So, once puberty hits, put together a basket with a roll on antiperspirant, mild shower soaps and shampoos and an electric toothbrush with paste and floss. You can also put together a smaller pack for face washing, including cleanser, toner, exfoliator and a good moisturizer. If you have a teenager who is dealing with acne, go to the doctor and speak to them about specialist creams. 

  • Have a chat together. A basic discussion on hygiene and the risks that come with funky smelling underpants is a must. Don't shame your teenager for having a less than appealing smell; that won’t help. Instead, education and talking will make a difference. Focus on the basics why each task - from flossing to shampooing - is important. While You're talking, check in on their mental health and make sure that they are feeling good. Depression is a clear link to a lack of hygiene and it’s just not what you want for your kids.

  • Speak to a counselor. If your child’s hygiene is starting to impact their interactions with others, or it’s leading to bullying, it can make them less inclined to wash each day. They’ll think “what’s the point?” and really, they don't need to. Get a counselor involved and together you can unpick why they refuse to bathe.

Hygiene isn't a filthy word. Teach your teenagers the importance of keeping up with it and you’ll help!

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