3 Tips for Managing the Mompreneur Role

October 12, 2021

  Whether you had your business before your kids, or your kids came before your business, no doubt about it being a mompreneur is tough. You have two full-time jobs that need to be balanced out, and sometimes one needs more attention than the other. Things happen and it’s a part of life. But this 24/7 role can get incredibly overwhelming to the point that intense burnout can be just right around the corner.

This is something that should be avoided, on top of that, the unnecessary feelings of guilt, anxiety, and questioning your roles should also be something that needs to be navigated as well. While there are some days where it’s hard to be a mompreneur, in the end, it’s completely worth it. These are some helpful tips in navigating being a business owner and being a mother at the same time.

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First off, you need to figure out your priorities

You’ll want to know what exactly has to be prioritized. Sometimes things that are prioritized on one day, won’t be prioritized the next day. It’s best to make a list of this and just keep a schedule so you have an idea of what needs to be taken care of first. It’s also important to have healthy boundaries with yourself. Having these healthy boundaries are going to massively help you out in keeping things in order. Healthy boundaries can include getting enough sleep at night, figuring out how to get whiter teeth, but it can also include just being stern with what you’re wanting. This includes family time, as this should be non-negotiable and should be a priority. It’s okay to say no to things as your family time is very important.

Stay healthy

Health comes in multiple forms, mostly the mind, body, and soul. Wellness should tie into your daily routine, and you should always try to have some time for yourself. This includes taking time to cook delicious food such as a smoked pork ribs recipe, taking time off to exercise, and even forming your routine for self-care. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and vice versa. While being your own boss means working long schedules, getting little sleep, you shouldn’t try to sacrifice your health just in the name of success. This goes along with creating healthy boundaries for yourself.  You should know that you’re not a super mom, and you can’t always handle everything that life throws at you.

Know when to unplug

If you can, try your best to only work during work hours and unplug once work time is over. While many people's schedules are different, having something such as a 9 to 5 is going to be the best way to be able to perfectly juggle your home and family life too. It’s also important to put your phone on silent, close the laptop, and just enjoy the time that you have with your children. You’ll want to give at least an hour of undivided attention to your children as this is very beneficial to their development. But this will also strengthen the bond between the two of you.  Children know when you’re not truly engaging with them, so you have to mentally turn off your work mode. 

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