Heading Back To Work As A New Mom? How To Deal With The Separation Anxiety

June 09, 2023

 Being a new mom is a wonderful thing. However, it’s also a time filled to the brim with anxiety! And when it’s time for your maternity leave to end and head back to work, you’re going to feel that more keenly than ever. 

Most of all, you’re probably going to feel an overwhelming sense of separation anxiety, and constantly think about how your baby is doing at home without you. 

But you need to work and make money, and also you deserve to as well! As such, here are some tips for dealing with the separation anxiety that’s common for new working mothers. 

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Being Anxious is Normal

Anxiety is normal to feel at a time like this, and there’s no shame in feeling that pit in your stomach when walking out the door in the morning. It doesn’t mean something is wrong, or that you can’t start working again yet, but it is very common and needs to be talked about more

Beat the Guilt

This is your life, and that means you’re allowed to have it all -  or at least as much of it as you can grab! And having a child doesn’t mean that’s all you should focus on. You want to be there for your baby as much as you can, but your career is allowed to matter to you as well. So when the guilt strikes and makes the anxiety a lot worse than usual, remind yourself of this simple fact! 

Hire Someone You Trust

You’re going to feel a lot better about going back to work if you’ve handpicked your child’s carer. Someone you’ve met face to face, who is able to put your mind at rest about their skill in person. And you can find such a person at sites like care.com, as well as through local connections or personal recommendations. 

Make sure you start this process early on. Getting someone in to look after your child is a big decision, and you need to be absolutely sure you’re working with the right person. Trust your gut, be specific about your needs, and don’t be afraid to be honest about your worries. 

Think of it as a Break for You Too

Going back to work can be a break away from new mom worries. Should your child be doing that? Should they be making that face? What could that red patch mean? Are they too hot or cold? These are all overwhelming questions that flood through your mind on the daily. 

And being at work can help you to shake off this invasive sense of anxiety; you’ve got other things to focus on, and take 8 hours away at least 3 times a week - that’s actually quite good for you! 

Going back to work as a new mom will be difficult. However, you’re perfectly allowed to work, you can hire people you trust to care part time, and a break is what you deserve every now and then too! 

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