1950's Grace Karin Vintage Dress

August 08, 2016

I love, love, love this dress. It is so beautiful! 
I am not really one for dressing up to "fru-fru"- I like to dress very comfortable. 
But there are occasions that I dress up. Conferences, conventions, special church services. 
This is just the dress for me to wear on those occasions. 

The length is perfect, the sleeves long enough...the color great!
I would only complain that the top area is snug- not the bust itself, but if I were to reach around and hug someone, I would be very restricted. I think I could let that out and give myself some more room. I almost order another size up, but was afraid it would be to loose in the bust area. 

The material is not listed on the tag, but the handling instructions are as follows:
Dry Clean Only
(I did read somewhere that you can hand wash this dress)
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat Iron
Do Not Wring the dress 
Dry Flat
Do not expose to sun for prolonged times

That seems simple enough!!

If you have a wedding to attend, a classy event, or just like to have something nice, you should purchase this dress. It is only $30.98!!

You can purchase it on Amazon here

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