Ice Cream Cake

September 10, 2018

When my son had his birthday coming up, all I heard about was his desire to have an ice-cream cake and a BB gun. He talked about it a whole month before his birthday! I mean my family is addicted to ice-cream. Vanilla, chocolate, Oreo, Cookie dough, it doesn't matter! I hate to admit we go through a gallon of ice-cream a week. But, there are six of us eating it! It's just so creamy and delicious!

Well we bought him this really cool BB gun and now he just loves taking it out to the farm and practicing shooting cans. And trust me, there are lots of cans to shoot at. Going out to the farm is the only time my kids are allowed soda, and they take full advantage of that!

Going out to the farm is one of our favorite things to do. The kids love spending time out in the country with their grandparents. We love to spend time outdoors even if its just for a little walk. My daughter especially loves going out there and brushing the horses.

With my sons birthday fast approaching and a trip out to the grandparents, I needed to find an ice-cream cake recipe quick! So after scouring the internet I found that it is super easy to make and easily customized!

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And its so easy that anyone can make it...all you need is:

1- pudding mix (any flavor)
1- carton ice cream (any flavor)
Crust (you can do graham cracker crust, cookie crusts, ice-cream sandwiches!! Anything that you like!!)
1- cool whip
Any toppings (caramel, hot fudge, sprinkles)

Whip your pudding with milk. Now add your ice cream and beat together.
In your glass dish (9x13 is best) lay your crust of choice down.
Spread your pudding/ice-cream mix on top. Or do this in layers with cookie crumbles in the middle with hot fudge drizzle, then add more ice cream mix.
Now you can add your cool whip now or wait until you are ready to serve. Top with sprinkles or more cookie crumbles. Freeze this for two hours (or longer).

This was such a big hit with everyone that I am asked to make this all the time now!
I bring this out to church potlucks, family dinners, luncheons, you name it! I am almost famous!

What is your favorite dessert to bring to gatherings?

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