Could Your Reproductive Health Hang In The Balance?

June 14, 2019

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There are a wide range of reasons why the birth rate is declining. The rate of divorce is sky high, more women want to wait to pursue other opportunities, and economic and environmental anxiety play a role, too. But if you think you may want to have children, whether it’s right now or one day, then you should also pay attention to your reproductive health. Here’s how to ensure that it’s not in constant danger.


The most harmful of habits

Your lifestyle affects every facet of your health, so it should be no surprise that it affects your reproductive health, too. Losing weight and managing it at a healthy rate is essential as both being underweight and overweight increases your chances of being infertile. Heavy alcohol consumption is known to reduce fertility, too, just like smoking, both of which can also lead to complications during birth and an increased risk of issues like a low birth weight.

Choosing birth control wisely

We have a wider selection of birth control available than ever, thanks in part to things like Planned Parenthood. However, it’s wise to always have a doctor involved in the discussion to discuss the pros and cons of different contraceptive methods, as shown at the Center for Young Women’s Health. They show not only the success rates of using them, but also highlight potential health issues that can impact your menstrual cycle, your fertility, your risk of chronic disease, and even discomfort or pain as a result of using them.

Get informed

It’s up to every woman on where they stand on the matter of terminations, or abortion. However, it’s important to make sure that your opinion is well-formed as there are growing misconceptions about the importance of Planned Parenthood, which has come under attack despite being an essential resource for productive health, not just productive rights, for women across the country. Its worth taking a look at the writings and research done by organizations like Prochoice New Hampshire. Learn the facts, learn the arguments for and against, and make your mind up but, no matter what you do, ensure that access to productive healthcare is something you stick up for.

Know the importance of timing

A lot of women can get a little antsy talking about age and fertility. None of us are getting older, and we don’t like to think of being too old for anything, never mind the door to a major life choice potentially closing forever. However, it’s essential to know the chances of getting pregnant at every age, as shown at Parents. This can help you gain some perspective on whether and when you want kids, and shift your priorities as you might find necessary.

Whether you want to have children or not is up to you, but your reproductive health also affects other parts of your life, such as the risk of chronic issues like PCOS, cancer rates, and so on. Make sure you get your regular checkups, don’t skip the gynecologist, and take good care of yourself.

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