Discover Why Your Child Is Struggling At School

June 20, 2019

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Is your child struggling in classes at school? Regardless of their age, it’s important to find out what’s going wrong here. These are a few of the possibilities that you should be aware of.

Eye Issues

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This is usually a problem for younger children. It is important to be aware that young children won’t always know that they are suffering from an eye issue. Instead, they may simply not understand why they are failing in class at all. That’s why you need to use services like They can ensure that your child’s eyes are checked for any issues. It’s possible that your child may need contacts or glasses. Be aware that some children will avoid reporting an issue with their eyes, specifically to avoid glasses. That’s why you should make sure that you are getting them checked quite regularly. When they are young, annual eye checks are never going to be a bad idea.

It’s important to explain to your child that wearing glasses is not something they should be scared, ashamed, or embarrassed about. If they do feel self-conscious about wearing them, contacts are usually an option.


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If your child is being bullied they are always going to struggle to pay attention in school and focus on their work. It will usually impact every subject or it may just affect the classes that they share with the bully. The first step is getting your child to tell you that they are being bullied. To do this, you need to make sure that you encourage a completely honest and open relationship with them. Ask them how their day was when they come home from school and be sure to look for any signs of bruising. This could always be a sports injury but it could also be a sign they have been beaten up.

Differences In Learning

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Be aware that not every child learns in the same way. While some learn visually, others find it more useful to learn using audio cues. Unfortunately, schools do not typically account for differences in learning. As such, if you think your child does need a different learning approach, you will need to help them craft and develop it outside of school hours. You can discover different learning approaches on

Is It The Teacher?

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Finally, you do have to consider the possibility that the teacher is the cause of your child’s issues. This is a possibility if your child is excelling in other classes but it’s just one subject where they seem to be falling down. Now it is possible that maybe your child just doesn’t have a knack for that particular subject. We’re all great in some subjects while weak in others. But you should at least explore the possibility that the teacher could be to blame. A clear sign of this will be if multiple children in the class are having the same issue. If you are concerned, it might be worth talking to the school to hopefully get to the bottom of the issue.

If your child is simply weaker in that subject, you should perhaps consider extra help and support in the form of a tutor. The best tutors can approach teaching a subject in a new way that greatly benefits your child.

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