Don't Panic When Your Child Gets Injured'

November 21, 2019

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As a parent, the natural response to your children getting hurt or injured is to freak out, but while this certainly shows you care, it can also affect the child. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that panicking is not the best way forward.

Instead, you need to stay calm, which is beneficial in most stressful situations but especially when your child is hurt. It’s not enough to stay calm, though. You also need to know what to do to help your child get over it. 

Why You Shouldn’t Panic

Panicking after your kid hurts themselves is something they will grow to associate with danger and pain for the rest of your life. While it’s healthy to understand pain, overreacting to the smallest injuries means they will struggle to distinguish minor scrapes for legitimate injuries in life. If they see you panic, so will they, so staying calm will help them realize it’s not that bad, even if it turns out it is. 

Recognize What The Problem Is

After an injury, check where they say hurts to get an idea of the severity. This will allow you to work the appropriate response and whether it requires minor treatment or a trip to the hospital. 

You should also ensure that you do not merely look at the source of the pain and instead look elsewhere to find other injuries they may not have realized yet. It might be that their adrenaline is pumping so much that they do not understand the extent of what is wrong, which will help you deal with the problem.  

Reassure Them It’s Going to Be Okay

Once you have worked out how bad the injury is, you can calm them down by reassuring them it will be okay. Once you have done this, you can then try to distract them from the pain by talking about other things such as school, sports, or their favorite TV show. By taking their attention away from the injury, they will be able to relax, which can halt any tears and ease their panic.

It might be that their initial response makes the injury to seem worse than it is, and once they have overcome the shock, they can realize that what they thought hurt a lot only hurts a little. 

Know What to Do Next

Following a quick examination of the injury and calming them down, you can then start focusing on what to do next. If you have a first aid kit, you can treat most minor injuries where you are, and if they are old enough, provide painkillers to make them more comfortable. 

For head, bone, or muscle injuries, you’re best off taking them to the hospital. You can also start thinking about insurance coverage, especially for concussions with services like This can make you feel better about potential costs and manage to get to the bottom of what happened to prevent it from happening to others. 

Everything Will Be Okay

It’s never nice when your child gets hurt, and your protective urges come out in full force. However, the injury is rarely as bad as everyone first suspects, and staying calm and resisting the urge to panic can help everyone deal with the situation much better.

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