NIrV Adventure Bible: Book Review

June 12, 2014

I am extremely excited to review this Bible! I usually do not get the opportunity to review Bibles because they are all gone by the time I get to choose my book. 

What I love about this Bible is that it has chapter and verse like an adults Bible. I feel that is important to storing the Word of God into little (and big) hearts. I also love how all throughout the Adventure Bible it has inserts that briefly explain some history, theology and just tid bits of information that will help a young child understand what they are reading.

I love the color scheme, pictures and the characters that are displayed throughout the Bible making it more lively and inviting for a young reader to dive into the Good Book!!

I personally prefer for myself a Kings James version, but I think this would be a good Bible for young ens because there are not 'thees' and thous' that would make it a bit difficult for them to read it.

My little ones (8) and (7) really enjoy spending time in the Word and love this Bible!!

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