Dear Son: Book Review

July 10, 2014

*Wonderfully Messy Mom received a complimentary copy from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for a review. 

This book made me cry, smile, laugh and reflect thoughtfully on what I want my two boys to know in life.
The author Dave Bruskas shares his heart and soul in this book, giving us letters he wrote to his late son David. 

David was born with a rare heart defect that took him to be with Jesus at the very young age of two months. At the beginning of each chapter, Dave writes a letter to his son describing what day to day life is like, how things could have been if he were still alive and advice that he would have shared with David. 

This book is eye opening from the perspective of a proud dad, not a grieving father. He shares his stories about spending time with his son, celebrating his birthday every year with his other daughters and wife. But what really makes this book extra special is the solid advice he gives for raising sons in the now.

I have two boys, I need to know what to do!! I am clueless! A momma only knows the ins and out of girl stuff. This has helped me see from a mans perspective to a son what needs to be addresses, how and when. I appreciate these kinds of books and I feel that you will too. 

Do not pass this book up if you have a son!!

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