How To Heal a Broken Heart

July 16, 2014

How many times have you started to do something that you have dreamed to do, then have it snatched out from underneath you?

I cannot count the times my heart has been broken from this. 

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I have come to learn the hard way that when things do not go my way, God has a better plan. Something better to do, something greater in the works.

My heart may break, I may grumble and complain, I might even throw a little fit...not that anyone else can see, but God sure does!! And after I dry my tears, pull up my bottom lip, I can see ahead to that goal...that vision God has for me.

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That road may seem to go on forever, the end result never to come. Training, building, growing and learning all have to take place before that vision can come to pass.

Rest assure, that whatever good work God has started in you, He will bring it into completion {Philippians 1:6}. 

I will stand before my Lord and Savior having perfected patience, having fulfilled the will of my Father in this matter what it takes to get there!!

What vision has God given you that seems to be beyond your reach??

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