Clear Out for Christmas

November 06, 2018

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Now that Christmas is only a couple of months away it is about time we talked about clearing out the house and getting it ready for the festive season. When it comes to preparing for Christmas it is always good to spend some time on your home clearing out old items and things you no longer need, because the chances are you will end up with a lot of new stuff which needs to find a home in your space. Think about taking these simple tips on board this year to get your home decluttered for Christmas.

Start small

The trick when it comes to decluttering the house this year is to start small and start early to make the job less of a chore. You can for example start with one of the dressers in your bedroom and you can spend time clearing ant empty bottles of the surface and also clearing out any old clothes you don’t need. You can use these tips when decluttering your bedroom to make things easier for you, and once you have started on a small section the rest of the home will feel more manageable.

One room at a time

If you are clearing out the whole house make sure not to keep flitting between the different parts of the house all the time. If you start in the kitchen, do the whole kitchen first before you try and start anywhere else. It will make things much easier for you and you will be able to concentrate on getting the job done much quicker than you would otherwise.

1 hour on, 1 hour off

It can be hard to stay focused on a boring task like decluttering and one way to make things easier for you is to have 1 hour working and then have a break for an hour before starting something else. This will ensure that you are being as ruthless as you can possibly be in your home and it will help you to stay focused and not feel under pressure to keep at it all day.

1 in, 1 out

When you buy something new, throw out something old. When it comes to clothes or any item in the house, the aim is to end up with less than you started with and therefore if you buy new things you need to get rid of at least one old thing to take its place. This is a good trick to use in the months up to Christmas and it will allow you to keep the home looking fresh for the next few months.

Do you need it?

The biggest question to ask yourself when clearing out the house is whether you need the item or not. Is it providing something useful? Does it have sentimental value? If not, then you will likely be able to throw it away without a second thought. Make sure you are as ruthless as you can be for the next few months because it will save the home from becoming a dumping ground after the festive season.

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