Can You Believe It Kids Music DVD

November 15, 2018

I had my three kids ages 13 (daughter), 11 (son), and 7 (son) watch Can You Believe It a kids music DVD from start to finish. I had written down a few question for each of them to answer because who better to give an honest review than the ones the DVD is marketed toward!
So here are the questions I asked and some of their responses.

1- Which was your favorite song/video?
Hands down all three kids said the music video "We Came To Meet With You" was their favorite. They said the music was upbeat and all the background scenes matched the song.
2-Did you enjoy the DVD?
My two youngest enjoyed the music, the videos, and lyric elements. My thirteen year old daughter not so much. She complained about the videos not matching the songs. For instance- the video "What A Beautiful Name" shows kids camping, she did not understand why that was used for this particular song.
3-Did you like the song choices?
Overall they enjoyed all the song choices, especially the upbeat ones they could jam out to!
4-Were the videos entertaining?
Again my two youngest agreed it was really fun to watch. My daughter said it was okay but nothing spectacular.
5-What did you like most about Can You Believe It dvd?
The songs were easy to follow along and sing with, especially the ones that had lyrics.
6-What did you like least?
My thirteen year old daughter said it was cheesy but she's a typical normal teenager. This music video is geared for a little younger crowd who isn't so much into today's culture.
7-Did you think Funny Man Dan was funny?
Believe it or not my daughter giggled and said yes.
Overall the kids enjoyed watching the Live in the studio and music vidoes the most. I personally enjoyed watching them enjoy it. I would like to say they got up and danced around but they did not. But then again I asked them to sit and watch it so they could answer my questions.
I think parents everywhere can agree that wholesome music is lacking in today's world and its very refreshing to see that there are those who still care enough to make something like this for children.
I would recommend this to all my friends with kids.
*I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinions.

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