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November 13, 2018

I was given the opportunity to review these three journals by Ellie Claire. It was such a priviledge to receive these books free to give my honest review. These three journals are great for gift giving or to keep for yourself to deepen your walk with God and to help brush up your artistic skills.

Many people use art inside their Bibles or a separate journal such as these as a form of worship. God wants us to use our talents and abilities to worship Him and this is a great way to do that. And I will say that if you are not very artistic but want to experience worship in this way, these journals are awesome for that! I will explain below why I feel this way!

The first Journal that I would like to share with you is The Illustrated word. 

It is a Bible coloring journal book. I am not sure how many pages there are total because there are no page numbers within this book. The paper is thick enough you can use markers or even possibly light watercolors without bleed through. But be sure to prep your pages just to be on the safe side with clear Gesso.

There are plenty of pre-drawn pages for you to color using markers or colored pencils to help you get into worship without worrying about your ability to draw. But there are also plenty of blank pages for you to draw your own things or write out your thoughts, or study notes.

This particular journal has a Medieval theme to all its images which I personally do not care for to much, but I understand that this was an important time period for Christians and thus why this was included. 

This journal could be used for all age groups since it has pre-drawn images and I plan to give this to my thirteen year old daughter for Christmas.

My favorite of the three is, The faith and lettering Journal. 

This particular Journal has gold foil lettering on the outside which is really nice. Right inside the front flap is an introduction on what faith in lettering is and how to use the book along with some creative ideas which comes in handy for newbies.

I have always enjoyed using various lettering techniques in my journaling but haven't mastered how to do this, so this book will come in quiet handy to help me brush up on my skills.

It has the block lettering as seen below, some cursive lettering, and other various designs that is not letters (think swirls and flowers).

There are plenty of blank pages for you to practice some of the designs and lettering which I absolutely love. There is ample space for you to practice right next to the letters or designs so you can see your progress.

The paper is not as thick as the previous Journal so you would definitely want to use a pen or marker that does not bleed through. I did not test this because this is a journal I plan to re-gift and did not want to use any ink on the pages. There are no pockets for you to keep any of your drawings as keepsakes like in the next Journal that I will show you, but there are so many pages for you to create your own art that it is not needed.

One of my favorite features is the spine has a pen loop. I am always losing my pens so this feature is such an added bonus to keep my pen right on the journal.

The final Journal that I'm going to show you is called the illustrate your story Journal. 

Again the outside cover is hard bound with a little bit of gold foil Embellishments. This one also includes a pen Loop for you to store your favorite pen. 

The first few pages give you a history of The Illustrated letters and the different time periods and styles that are highlighted throughout the book. There are also pages that give you ideas on how to use the journal and possibly some supplies that you might want to use which is a great feature for someone who is new to this type of Art.

 On every other page there is a step by step design showing you how to create the art. Each one has 6 steps and two blank squares for you to create your own after practicing. I would have liked to see more blank squares so you can see your completed works progress.

Then there are some blank pages for you to Doodle or write notes or possibly even some devotions. At the heading of the blank pages there are quotes from famous people or some scriptures from the Bible. 

At the very back of this journal is a pocket that says keepsakes for you to store any of your drawings that you may have done on separate pieces of paper. There is a string that I believe is supposed to close this pocket similar to the one on the front of the journal, but mine detached. 

This journal has a elastic closure in the same color as the spine which is a pretty neat feature. The pages are the same consistency as the second Journal, so check for bleed through before using any heavy markers. Of all three journals this is the only one that had page numbering. There are 160 pages to this particular Journal.

Overall all three journals by Ellie Claire are extremely nice and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try journaling as a form of worship.

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  1. These are so cute!! I love a good journal! They would make such a cute gift as well!
    -Madi xo


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