3 Baby Milestone Celebration Ideas

July 28, 2022

 3 Baby Milestone Celebration Ideas

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If you're like most parents, you cherish and celebrate your baby's milestones in the most memorable way. For many, these high points are indications of a baby growing healthily. According to the CDC, about 75% of babies in any given year hit certain developmental milestones. This means most newborns have an increased chance of progressing steadily into their toddler years. These are some ideas worth considering as you celebrate the progress.

  1. Start a handprint scrapbook

Your baby's photo scrapbook should not entirely be their faces in the album. You can get more creative by taking handprints and gluing them together to tell a picture story. It can be tough getting an accurate handprint of their palm, especially when it's clenched most of the time. However, experienced parents say that after a few minutes of massaging a baby's hands with lotion, they often open the fist. Also, you may want to gently untuck your baby's thumb to stimulate them into opening their palm.

After jumping that clenched fist hurdle, it will be time to take the handprint. It is recommended to use baby-safe ink for this purpose. They are non-toxic and clean off quite easily with warm water or baby wipes. You have the option to take handprints monthly or bi-monthly. You may want to stick all the cut-out handprints in a glass frame for decorative purposes. Remember to indicate the age against each print. It can be a sentimental piece on your accent wall.

  1. A unique jewelry piece

In some families, wearing jewelry for babies is a tradition. It may be a cute necklace or baby bracelets with significant meaning. When you opt for such jewelry, it is advisable to stick with brands that offer safety. Furthermore, you may want to avoid metals containing nickel, lead, and cadmium. These are known to cause allergic reactions even in adults. It may be helpful to also choose non-magnetic ones. If it helps, your baby can wear their jewelry for a photo shoot, after which it is taken off.

  1. Line up a few baby boots

This is quite popular and worth the effort it takes. Those boots can be chosen from the first month to your baby's first year. To avoid creating a crowded frame, you may want to line boots for the first, third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth months. This means you will record your baby's developmental milestones every three months. You can be creative by sticking your baby's profile picture in the center of the frame while the boots go around it.

While at it, you can personalize the frame further by placing a rattle along with the lined-up baby boots. The more sentimental you make it, the more memorable it will be when your baby grows into their teens and beyond. It is worth noting that some baby boots are made with fabric that requires airing out. For this reason, you may choose a perforated display box instead of a fully enclosed glass frame. It should be large enough to contain these selected items. 

Aside from the ones mentioned here, the options are endless when it comes to celebrating memorable baby milestones. No matter your choice, endure it means something to you.

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