Supporting Elderly Parents

July 27, 2022

 As your parents get older, it’s common for children to step up into a caring role. Elderly parents often need extra support and it’s not always the index needs of personal care. Sometimes it is something as simple as your parents needing help to get the shopping, or they need help to clean the house. It’s not easy to support elderly parents, and while some people are able to jump into that role, it’s not common for everybody to be able to capture their parents as they become old. 

There are live in care options that are available for those who can’t jump in, but it’s important that no matter what you do you ensure that your parents remain feeling independent and as if they have their freedom. Below, we have four ways that you could be there for your elderly parents.

Image Source: Pexels

  • Also help with daily tasks. Most people reach an age when it becomes very difficult to do the simple things. From buttoning a shirt to being able to vacuum the house, your elderly parents may find it harder to do things for themselves. This is a very delicate subject because they won’t often want to hear that they have to have help to do things, but you can hire a professional cleaner or Gardner to come in and do the smaller jobs, and you can help them to maintain their lifestyle.

  • Talk about assisted living facilities. Again, this is a delicate topic so tread lightly. Do you want your parents to feel safe, and being able to post this idea is something that’s a positive is always the best thing to do. Moving a parent into an assisted living community can be an excellent way to ensure that they feel safe, properly cared for and you are able to have a break, as well. It’s not always easy to do this for them, and you may feel guilty, but you shouldn’t.

  • Work with them on the end of life care. Elderly parents usually put their affairs in order while they have the facilities to do so. If you can help them with their end of life plans and while this is a difficult conversation, planning in the senior years is going to help you to alleviate stress and on your parents in the way that they wished for that to happen.

  • Stay in touch. One of the most common issues in the care home environment is loneliness. You don’t have to be a carer to your parents, but you do have to recognise that they need care and they also need love. They are not babies to be looked after, but the parents who raised you. To help to keep them from feeling lonely, visit regularly, take them out, and make sure they are speaking to you a few times a week. Your parents need to know that you are there and you will be with them as much as possible.

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