Dream Cream Curl Cream by Royal Locks

June 13, 2016

Curly Hair Problems?

Tame the Frizz Beast!

I have wavy/curly hair naturally. And naturally the humidity makes it frizz, as well as any heat, water, sun, wind, hair products, cool air conditioning, oxygen, grass, rainbows, you get the point. 

I have tried many products to tame this beast, but it only leaves me sticky, weighed down, frizzy and disappointed. I gave up and swore off any hair products not just because they don't work, but because they are so full of chemicals that it ruins the hair. 

My hair is my glory, I treat my hair like its a new born baby, I am delicate with it. I do not get any second chances if it gets ruined. There is no cutting it off and starting over. I only got one shot!!

Well, I found something that actually works and is not laden down with tons of chemicals. 
Dream Cream Curl Cream tamed the beast!

Here is the long list of ingredients....lol
Now, I am not going to lie- I have not researched what any of these are. And I recognize a few that are not natural...so :-( that makes me sad.
But I do have to say, this stuff works! 

My hair was not greasy, which is always what happens. My hair was not to heavy and weighed the curls down, and it smells great (due to the perfume). 

Overall, I was happy with this product and will probably use on the occasion that I wear my hair down (which is very rare).

**I received this product free in exchange for my review. 


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