IntelliSMART 5A 4 Port USB Wall Charger

June 27, 2016

IntelliSMART 5A 4-Port USB Wall/Travel Charger is an awesome universal charger for all your electronics. 

In my home we have two tablets, two cell phones and two laptops!!
There is always something that needs to be charged.

My home is a modular home and I hate to admit it, but half the electrical outlets do not work like they should. So we only have a few select outlets that we can use.

This handy gadget comes in handy, hahaha.

You can charge up to four electronics at one time, it can be moved from place to place and is great for taking along with you while traveling!!

The plug folds down to make a complete square so nothing in your suitcase gets snagged or the prongs broken. 

Its a really great product.

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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