Going Organic? Top 3 Foods Worth Buying Organic'

May 13, 2020

In this age of 'awareness,' a lot of parents are beginning to place more emphasis on healthy eating when it comes to putting food on the table. Besides nutritional content, the source of the food, as well as its production process, is very important if you are concerned about what goes into the mouths of your loved ones.


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Organic food is simply foods that have been grown or produced on farms without the use of any chemicals. And strong cases have been made for going green when it comes to the benefits of such foods. For example, organic foods come with much lower risk of contamination from pesticides. Experts have also proven that organic foods lower children's level of metabolites. The only disadvantage of going green when it comes to food is the cost. However, if you can find ways around the cost issue, then the benefits will be more than worth every penny. So, without much ado, let's take a look at three foods worth buying organic.


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Fruits And Vegetables

According to the Environmental Working Group, fruits, alongside vegetables, contain the highest levels of pesticides. High on the list are fruits like apples, berries, cucumbers, peaches, grapes, spinach, kale greens, celery, hot peppers, and cherry tomatoes. So, if you have the healthy habit of eating an apple a day, then it will be more than worth it choosing organic. Plus, you can make some delicious fruity oatmeal muffins for a healthy family breakfast.



According to organizations such as the American Heart Association, consuming saturated fat from any source may put you at risk of heart diseases. However, many experts in nutrition have maintained that consuming meat produced sourced from grass-fed farm animals does not come with risks of heart diseases. According to these experts, the problem does not lie in the saturated fat per se, but in the unnatural way the animals are raised - this includes hormones, corn, and medication.


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Dairy And Eggs

There has been recent admonishing to farmers to put out cows that are organically-raised to pasture for as long periods of the year as possible. This is to allow them to be able to feed on grass. Just like organic meat, dairy produced sourced from organically-raised pasture are safer to consume. The same rule applies to eggs; chickens that are raised outside on a farm without added chemicals or drugs.Happy Egg Co sheds some humorous insight concerning the difference between free-range and caged egg sources. 

How Do You Keep The Cost Of Organic Foods Within Budget?

As mentioned earlier, the one downside that comes with going organic has to do with cost. So, in what ways can you ensure that your healthy eating does not cost you too much, financially? Here are a few options to try.

  • Farmers' markets: Take advantage of farmers' market events to purchase your food straight from the local farmers.

  • Buy in season: Vegetables and fruits are usually very cheap when they're in season. 

  • Compare prices: Compare the prices at your local market to other prices. 

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