What Are Some Key Health Concerns Among Children?

August 03, 2022

 What Are Some Key Health Concerns Among Children?

Every parent aspires to raise healthy and strong children. However, it doesn’t always work out that way, especially when illness rocks its ugly head. Health reports indicate that 37% of children below 17 years live with an ailment requiring constant management and regular health checks. Below are some child-related health concerns you should pay attention to.  

  1. Allergies and asthma

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The 2020 statistics indicate that 5.2 million children have at least one type of allergy. It is either an allergy to food, the environment, or medication for something like a common cold. Research also shows that children with respiratory allergies may end up becoming asthmatic. Although the science is yet to explain how the progression happens, it believes that consistent triggering of the airways plays a significant role.

Most allergies begin with the following signs and symptoms – runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, red eyes, etc. Primary physicians usually advise parents to take note of these changes in their kids. When your child experiences the common cold too often, along with the symptoms indicated earlier, it will be time to act. It will also be in your best interest to check with the pediatrician to rule out anything untoward.

  1. Teeth and gum problems

In the US, children with primary and permanent teeth are diagnosed with at least two dental caries, many of which usually slip under the radar. It is often detected when the child feels pain and needs the attention of a local dentist. As a parent, your child’s oral care is your responsibility. As long as they are minors, you have a role to play in how well their teeth and gums are. Pediatric gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, and tooth pain are some examples of concern.

  1. Worm infection

Reports indicate that pinworm is the most common among kids in the United States. Pinworm eggs can survive up to 3 weeks unharmed in varied home conditions. Their adaptability makes them more common in the home and among young children. According to science, human beings are the only hosts that can transfer pinworms to other species.

Therefore, if your pets are infected, it likely came from the adults or kids in the home. Worm infections may manifest as appetite loss, constant stomach pains, fever, and persistent coughs. Admittedly, these may be signs of other health conditions. However, your primary physician will request lab tests to confirm if what your child has is caused by worms. Your children may pick up these worms or their eggs from preschool or child care.

  1. Childhood obesity

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In 2020, childhood obesity increased to 22.4% in the US. The national statistic was 19.3% in 2019. Child health experts say the pandemic and the ripple effect of prolonged home stays might have contributed to this. Meanwhile, the CDC says one-third of children in the country have higher than normal weights that impact their health. As a parent, this can be concerning due to the other health conditions that childhood obesity may trigger. The solution is encouraging your young ones to eat healthily and be physically active.

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