Getting On top Of Life

February 07, 2020

Does life ever feel as though it is constantly slipping out of your grasp? One day you feel as though you have a tight hold on it, and then on other days everything seems like a constant uphill struggle. Well, you are definitely not alone. We all feel as though we are failing at an elaborate juggling act at times, and sometimes it feels as though the balls are on the floor more than they are ever in the air. 

Getting ontop of life can be tricky and it takes time for everything to become a habit, however, it is possible to set your life into a routine where you will feel a lot more positive. Here are a couple of ways that you can help yourself to do that. 

Plan Your Meals

There is nothing worse than coming in from work after a long day and then having to decide what to eat for your evening meal. This should be a time where your family can spend time together and enjoy a meal that is nourishing and filling. It is an important meal, but when you are tired and not prepared for it, you may find that you just end up eating the same bland food because it is convenient. At best, you may end up getting a takeaway. Obviously, too many takeaways are not great for you, or your family. 

To get out of this habit, and to start eating healthy, prepare a meal plan in advance. Do this on a day when you don’t have much on. Work out what meals you are going to make and when. Make a shopping list based on this plan and go out and find everything. 

Look for simple recipes for meals that you can all enjoy such as this picadillo recipe from You could even look at batch cooking as many meals as you can too in order to save you preparation time. 

Plan Your Days

Buy a wall planner and start working out all of the details of your whole family’s routine. Plan all of your shifts and your kid’s school and extracurricular activities there. Doing this will help everyone see where they are and at what time they need to be there. 

Use this planner to work out when you can spend time together as a family so that you can go places or play games together. You can also plot all of your chores on there so that the housework gets done instead of it all mounting up and falling on one person to do. 

Hire A Cleaner
If your housework is too much for you, think about getting a cleaner in for an hour or two each week to help you keep on top of things. This will save you a lot of hard work and as well as the stress of having to deal with everything yourself on top of work and your other life commitments.

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