Wool Has Always Owned The Heart Of The Home

February 26, 2020

Comfort is a very clear concept. It's not necessarily about softness and dexterity of materials in our homes. It's about how we feel when we interact with items in our homes. It just so happens that wool has always been at the top of our list, of materials we consider to be the most comforting. It's not just that wool is inherently soft and needs no treatment for this to be the case, unlike synthetics such as nylon or polyester. It's that wool also keeps us warm. There are many things that can only do one or the other. Wool is such a brilliant material as it's also flexible and can be customized to just about anything we want it to be. It's always ruled the roost when it comes to interior design too.

There’s this new wool...

In the latter part of the previous decade, there was one material that suddenly shot up everybody’s list. Merino wool has become a sensation that every home that wants comfort has to have. This type of wool is highly refined and comes out of Italy. It's used for suit tailoring, socks, gloves and yes, even area rugs. It's a strong wool but it also needs to be treated properly in order to maintain its level of quality. When it comes to cleaning the rug, use something that’s natural and non-abrasive such as the Dr. Chem-Dry treatment. It uses a carbonation process which lifts dirt and debris from the surface without lifting off the coloring from the dye. It removes 98% of allergens while removing 89% of airborne bacteria. This will also improve indoor air quality which is so important to your health.

Forget the Ottoman

For many centuries, the Ottoman has been the king of footstools. There are countless styles the Ottoman can be made in, which is why it's stayed so popular in the contemporary home. However, there’s a new kid on the block and it's the pouffe. This style of footrest comes mainly in wool as it's a dexterous material which can be treated, compressed and filled effectively. It's a softer item but it retains its shape remarkably well. The woolen covers can be replaced or changed to suit your style, but since they’re made out of wool, your feet are kept warm at the same time. You can take your socks off and keep your feet toasty as compared with synthetic or leather Ottomans.

The unseen shield

We are still in winter and you can feel the cold seeping into your home every night. Don’t wake up to a home that’s gone through equilibrium and just as cold as the outside. Thick wool curtains are the unseen shield that protects your home by pushing heat back in toward the center of the room. Woolen curtains are heavier than most, but they offer you the ability to keep your heating down and still stay nice and warm.

It's the most beautiful material in any contemporary home. It's natural, eco-friendly and incredibly stylish. It's also practical as it saves you a lot on energy bills. 

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