GERmanikure crystal file

July 15, 2016

GERmanikure dbl-sided crystal file "BOOKS AND COFFEE" nail file is a wonderful tool to have if you are a nail enthusiast. 
I personally spend lots of time in maintaining my nails to keep them looking like they came fresh from the shop.
But my nails are not fake!

I love to keep my nails long even though they are not long now. I take lots of multivitamins, mainly prenatal and never, ever chew on my nails!
I have a really great Homemade Mary Kay Satin Hands Softener recipe for helping to keep your hands and nails super soft!

Using this nail file is like slathering butter on your hands, it is so smooth and nice!

You do not have to worry about gagged nails after using this, and you certainly do not have to worry about replacing it any time soon.
It does not wear out!

I love the saying, I just wish it were more pronounced...easier to see.
And the size of the board itself if a bit lacking I really thought it would be a bit bigger, but that does not effect the way this product works!

There are many colors and sayings to choose from so I know you will find one that fits your personality and style. 

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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