I Max Age Spot Reducer

July 15, 2016

I Max Age Spot Reducer & Preventer is a mild chemical peel used to lessen the appearance of dark spots and freckles. 
It helps to correct sun damage caused by over exposure to UV rays by exfoliating the old dead skin, which uncovers a beautiful looking surface. 
It has a clever depigmentation function that whitens your skin by suppressing UV induced melanogenesis, to inhibit tyrosinase activity, superoxide anion production and cyclo-oxygenase activity from Alpha Arbutin, Melatonin, Niacinamide, Glutathione, Tanexamic Acid and Glabridin from Licorice Extract.

Here is how to use it:

For the normal skin's beauty and health, dilute 2 to 4 times. Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser and apply the diluted serum evenly with cotton pads or fan brush. After 15 minutes, wash out and towel dry. After you pass a patch test, start applying the serum once or twice a week and observe your skin condition. Increase usage up to 3 to 4 times a week for a month. Stop or decrease usage if your skin becomes satisfying, too thin or sensitive.

I used this product on my hands to help with the dark spots I got from tanning. It seemed to help with the color a little, nothing dramatic, but I only used it a few times...

It had a slight aroma that was not very pleasant and left my skin a little sticky. After a couple hours of using this and washing my hands a couple times, I could still smell it.

You should wear sunscreen after using due to its skin peeling agents. You are opening your skin up to being sunburned. You skin will become sensitive after use for a while.  

If you have sensitive skin, lessen the amount you use and dilute even more. 

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 

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