Plain Old Fashioned Toothbrushes

July 13, 2016

Plain old fashioned tooth brushes, who doesn't miss that! 

I have braces and I go through a lot of toothbrushes. The bristles usually wear out, split or cause my gums to bleed because they are too hard. 

And with three kids, once you get strep throat, out goes the toothbrush. I am going to plug in a great resource for treating strep throat naturally...right here ;-)

The plain old fashioned toothbrush I have been using with hard bristles does not cause my gums to bleed. And with my braces the bristles have not split or frayed!

 I love that the adult and the kid versions have hard straight handles. 
The length of the adult is about 7 inches and the length of the handle of the kids is about 6 1/4 inches long.
 The handles are made from a type of plastic that comes from wood pulp cellulose making it a strong non brittle material. Did you knot that this is also the same material that eyeglass frames are made of? Neither did I! Pretty cool. 

The difference in using the old fashioned toothbrush vs. Using the modern toothbrushes is that when I brush the back of my teeth they get cleaner and remove more plaque. That is because there is no gap between my teeth and the toothbrush. 
Most modern-day toothbrushes have an arch and makes it very difficult for the toothbrush to make contact with the teeth without pushing very hard. 

Using a traditional toothbrush that is multi-level where some of the bristles are longer than others tend to irritate my gums and can even cause gum erosion in the future. 

I really think you would enjoy trying the old fashioned toothbrushes if you have issues with bleeding gums having a hard time getting your teeth clean or the bristles being too tough.

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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