The Truth about Angels

July 11, 2016

I love to read about angels. I would like to know more about them, in the sense that I would like to know more about their roles and how they operate. 

The Truth about Angels written by Tony Evans was a pretty good book. 
He talks about the role of angels and who they serve. Meaning that some serve God and some serve satan. 

I was only disappointed that there was not much talk about the different kinds of angels; seraphins, cherubim, etc. This was only briefly mentioned. I would like to have learned more about what their roles are and how they are utlilized in the kingdom of God. 

There was plenty of talk about angels in the general sense, and the angels used by satan. 

I almost felt this book was a bit redundant to what I have read in other books. But if you had never read anything about this subject, you would gather some basic information. 

This was not an in-depth book for anyone who has a basic knowledge of angels, what the Bible says about them and their roles. If looking for more "meat" this is not the book for it. 

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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