The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book

July 06, 2016

David Jeremiah is one of my favorite to listen to, read and learn from.
The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book is so full of insight and great teachings. 

Each chapter delves into what we really need to know on how to stand firm in our faith, fight the enemy and become a stronger Christian. 

This tiny book breaks down Ephesians 6:14-17 by each piece of armor.

It tells what each piece is, what it does and how to apply it to your spiritual warfare life. 
I enjoyed the breakdown, explanation and insight. 

I will say, for me it was pretty redundant to things I already know, have previously read from other books, but for a new Christian it would be perfect. 

I has over 200 pages and is a small compact book. You could easily carry this along in your purse, or give as a gift in a Christmas stocking. 

**I received this book deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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