No Tie Shoe Laces

July 12, 2016

When you have an active toddler or preschooler, shoe laces can be your arch nemesis!!
At least they are mine!

Break a nail untying shoe laces is my favorite thing to do, said no mother ever.

No tie shoe laces are the answer to save time and sanity!
My boy would beg me every morning, please take out the double knot. Mommy, tie my shoes, yet again.

I am so beyond thrilled to try these and LOVE them! I was really skeptical that they would be junk and not do a good job.

(Excuse the shoe! It's his favorite pair and he won't wear anything else- they are WORE OUT!)

But these are awesome! They come in white, black and multi- colored.
They are really easy to insert into the provided shoe lace holes. They have just enough stretch to allow him to insert and remove his foot without being too loose. 

He can run, jump and play like a normal kid without worrying his shoes will fly off or his laces coming undone. I can stop worrying about breaking a nail to undo those dreaded double knots!!

You want to make life less stressful, buy these HERE!!


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