4 Ways To Fill Your Free Time & Enjoy Life More

January 05, 2022



As a busy mom, you may not have a ton of extra time on your hands. However, some days you might find that you do have more moments to yourself and that as your kid’s age you have more opportunities to live your days as you please.

Life doesn’t always have to be focused on getting stuff done and being productive and working hard. Instead, you should review four ways to fill your free time and enjoy life more so you can be well and happy and live your days to the fullest.

1.    Exercise & Practice Self-Care

Take good care of yourself if you want to enjoy life more. Fill your free time by trying new exercises and exerting yourself physically. Practice self-care and make sure that you’re making your wellness a priority. Don’t be afraid to put your feet up and take a nap or head to your reading nook or a quiet area at home and read a good book. You’ll be happier and have more natural energy when you commit to regular self-care and challenge yourself physically.

2.    Create & Engage on Social Media

Another way to fill your free time and enjoy life more is to create content and engage on social media. The Internet is full of fun and exciting videos and people to watch and follow. For example, you can scroll through your friend’s pages, review what your favorite brands are up to, or learn how to stitch on tiktok. You’ll end up having so much fun on social media that the time will pass by quickly and you’ll also be learning more about why these platforms are so popular and all they have to offer.

3.    Spend Time with Friends & Family

It’s also important that you maintain a social life as a busy mom. Otherwise, you might end up feeling lonely or isolated throughout your days. Make it a point to spend time with friends and family and reach out and see if the people you adore the most want to get together. You can grab a cup of coffee or dinner and catch up about what’s going on in each of your lives and exchange stories and advice. Keep in mind that if you’re unable to get together physically for any reason you can always call them up on the phone or send an email or text message to check-in.

4.    Start A New Hobby

If you’re looking for additional ways to spend your free time and enjoy life more then consider starting a new hobby. It’s an excellent way to keep yourself busy and you’ll likely discover some new skills and abilities you didn’t realize you had in the process. It’s a chance to get to know yourself better and explore other interests besides your professional talents. You’ll also be learning and working on your personal development which can help improve all areas of your life. There are all sorts of hobbies to choose from and some are more social while others you can do solo and on your own. 

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