Helping Your Kids Be Streetwise

January 05, 2022

 We all hope that our children grow up confident and know right from wrong. But sometimes, we need to experience things ourselves to understand what is right and wrong. Children, specifically teenagers, love to test the boundaries - to see just how far they can go before it all goes wrong. 

There are some ways that you can make sure your child would come to you if anything goes wrong while they are out exploring the world with friends. 

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The most crucial step is to maintain open lines of communication. There is a significant distinction between asking questions and paying attention to the response. Make an effort to use active listening techniques and truly absorb the material. Be available to answer queries and provide accurate information.

You might not have the answers to everything, but what you don’t know, you can find out. 

Often teenagers will speak in hypotheticals, or between the line reading is required. File away anything that seems like there might be more to it, and maybe revisit the conversation at a later date. 

Take even the slightest concern seriously because on the off chance it is much bigger than it sounded, you can be prepared to let this personal injury attorney help or get in touch with the right professionals. 


While you ideally want your child to come to you when they need something, it could be outside of your capabilities. 

Ensure that your child knows where they can go for help - no matter what it is. Most teenagers have a mobile phone and are aware that they can call 911 if they need it. 

But what if your child doesn’t have a phone? Where should they go then? We like to think that our children are always safe, but the world can be dangerous. It can be useful to find the addresses of local churches, police stations, 24/7 stores, and gas stations. 

Keep them informed about what's going on in the community and beyond. Accepting that you can't always be present at the moment is a realistic aspect of parenting. It's a little comfort to know where your children can go (for you both) if they need it. 


It should be as standard that if your child is walking home, they let you know and remove headphones to hear everything around them. Keeping personal stuff such as their phone, money, and jewellery hidden, as well as taking a ride home with a buddy, all count.

But awareness is much deeper than just in the immediate vicinity. 

It is being informed of current events in the political sphere. It's critical to understand what various individuals and groups go through daily. 

Everyone, not just teenagers, will be able to make intelligent judgments about their own and others' safety if they are equipped with as much knowledge as possible. Street smarts are no longer limited to the streets.

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