Common Dental Practice Mistakes to Avoid

January 11, 2022

 Common Dental Practice Mistakes to Avoid 

Currently, people care a lot about their teeth. This is mainly due to oral health concerns, but good teeth are also important when it comes to social and work environments. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that there is a growing demand for teeth whitening, implants, fillings, and more. 

In general, life is easy for the dental patient. However, it's difficult for the owners of dental practices, especially if you have a high number of patients. Due to this demand, it can lead to mistakes and slipups, which you don't want to happen. 

Here are some common dental practice mistakes to avoid as a general guide. By successfully avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to grow your practice and maintain a favorable position in your area.  

  1. Lack of Marketing

Even if your patient numbers are healthy with respectable annual growth, it's essential that you don't sit back and allow your practice to become complacent. In an age where oral care options are limitless for patients, it won't take much more for a patient to switch to a new care provider. 

So, whether you're a small or large dental practice, you need to focus on marketing – specifically, digital marketing. A lack of digital marketing will eventually come back to bite you, as each year that goes by, it becomes more important in the world of healthcare. 

If you're clueless when it comes to dental marketing, there's no need to panic! All you have to do is contact, and they'll be able to take care of your marketing needs. 

  1. Not Having a User-Friendly Website

In the current age of dental care, an excellent, user-friendly website is key. This is because it will enable you to promote your prices and services, provide an online appointment bookings system, and post interesting content that will grow your digital presence. 

Remember, patients now visit websites using their smartphones, so your website must also be mobile-friendly. If it isn't already, then you will need to work closely with a web designer to help solve the problem. 

If your website is slow and dated, then you will potentially be losing patients right now – so make sure to get to start planning your revamp. 

  1. Poor Patient Care 

Every patient you have needs to be handled with care and efficiency. Otherwise, your reviews and referrals will sadly suffer. 

From the second the patients walk into your practice to the second they leave, they need to be cared for. 

Your reception staff needs to be friendly and helpful, whereas the dentists and their assistants must be able to put patients at ease (as dental anxiety is still a common problem amongst the population). 

  1. No Online Payments

Dental patients – particularly younger generations – want the option to pay for their treatments online. This is convenient for them and your practice, as it makes tracking invoices much easier. 

Ideally, patients should be able to pay using their bank accounts or via a PayPal account

  1. Poor Investment

Providing your annual profits are healthy, you should invest money back into your practice; from improved staff training to better facilities. In the long-term, this will improve your patient and staff experience while also allowing you to grow. If you don't reinvest, you'll likely experience poor progress in your industry. 


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