How To Find The Perfect Car For Your Family

January 19, 2022

Whether you have recently learned to drive, or are simply ready for something new, buying a car can be incredibly exciting. However, as a parent, your choices are restricted somewhat. After all, a flashy sports car is hardly the most efficient method of transport for the school run - especially when it would soon be covered in muddy footprints and grubby fingertips.

As a result, it's important that when browsing, you focus on finding a car that not only looks good but is fit for the purpose. For example, you might want to consider the following features: 

  • Safety features.

  • Child-friendly features.

  • The size of the vehicle (especially if you are planning on expanding your family)

  • The running costs. (Maintenance and fuel). 

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some top tips that can be used to find the perfect family-friendly vehicle.

  • While you should be prepared to spend a decent chunk of your annual budget on your car (10-15% of your income), remember that there are steps you can take to cut down your costs. 

  • As mentioned previously, you should also ensure that the car is equipped with all of the necessary safety features and that it is particularly child-friendly. While some cars will be marketed as such, user reviews can often be an excellent place to begin your research. Alternatively, you can check out sites such as edmunds, which provide the reader with plenty of information about different makes and models of cars - helping you make a more informed decision ahead of time. 

  • Remember that in addition to the cost of buying a car, you must also be able to run it. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your costs down, you may want to consider smaller vehicles instead of a big SUV. This is because they are much more energy-efficient and therefore you will not have to fuel them as often. You could even take this to the next level by purchasing an electric vehicle, which are much cheaper to run in the long run. 

  • Before purchasing a car, do some research on how easy they are to maintain - both in regards to the interior and exterior. For example, keeping your house clean can be stressful enough without having to clean your car every day, too - so you might want to look for a vehicle with an easy-to-clean interior, such as leather seating.

  • Take some time to develop some DIY skills when it comes to car maintenance - this way, you will be able to tackle the majority of repairs yourself when the situation does arise. Again, a little research ahead of time could give you insight into what types of issues you may encounter with certain cars, which will allow you to feel better prepared for these situations. 

  • While safety features are perhaps the most important fixture in your car, you should also look into models that provide added extras, such as entertainment systems that can help make your time on the road much more enjoyable. For example, back seat entertainment systems can keep your kids entertained for hours so that you can focus on the road (and don’t have to listen to the dreaded are we there yet one thousand times over. 

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